Assault Charges

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In Washington, assault charges can range in severity, from misdemeanor charges that do not result in serious bodily injuries to serious felonies that result in bodily harm or involve firearms. No matter how complex your assault case is, I am prepared to put in the hard work to help you reach a favorable outcome. Whether I am negotiating for a reduced charge or defending you in front of a judge and jury, you can count on me to fight for your best interests and provide you with an effective criminal defense.

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If you are being charged with assault in King or Snohomish counties, don't wait to talk to a Kirkland assault defense lawyer at Knauss Law Firm. I personally handle every case from beginning to end. Your case will never be handed off to anyone - not a less experienced attorney, not a paralegal, not a secretary, or a non-attorney.

Assault Degree

Classification of Assault Charges

Assault is charged according to the severity of the victim's injuries, whether a deadly weapon was used,
whether an individual assaulted with intent, and other factors.

Assault can be charged as:


First degree

If you intended to cause harm to a victim and caused serious bodily injuries death, or if a firearm was used during the crime.


Second degree

If you intentionally inflicted bodily harm or used a deadly weapon.


Third degree

If you caused bodily harm through criminal negligence (contrasted with intent), or if you assaulted a firefighter, police officer, nurse, or health provider.


Fourth degree

If you committed assault that is not severe enough to fit into 1st through 3rd degree categories of assault.

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